Custom jewellery for a truly special occasion

The birth of a child is a truly precious and unforgettable moment in one's life. Through them we become parents and for them we become better people. They add value and meaning to our time, our  experiences  and  the  world.  We  love  creating  childbirth inspired jewellery. With their hidden message they often become richly designed objects, abundant with sentiments and veiled meaning, which we know will become highly valued and cherished pieces.

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Dubai Jewellery Design Awards, 1st Prize

Orsolya Raski Nagy and Daniel Nagy won absolute 1st prize with their aquamarine and diamond embellished white gold jewellery collection. This prize is the 54th trophy of the respected personal jewellery designers who have competed in numerous international competitions with similar success.

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Diamond jewellery &  Dancing Diamonds ballet

There  has  never  been  such a meeting  of  two  seemingly different forms of art, as the cooperation between Splendor and the  Contemporary  Ballet of Szeged  which  premiered in 2013. Following  its  unexpected  success  the  production and the designers are planning an international tour. The dancers perform the birth of a diamond which is created by the four elements. The different elements emerge through ballet movements and provided the inspiration both the choreography and the jewellery designs.

Splendor jewellery - new victory in Dubai!

Orsolya succeeded in repeating her last victory in Dubai.
She has once again won first prize in the international
The hairpin, for which she was awarded
the  trophy,  was  born  out  of  the  ballet designs.
It  captures  a  dynamic  dance  movement.  The
ebony  base is encased in a platinum  and  white
gold alloy and embellished with unusual, unique-cut
aquamarines as well as myriads  of  tiny  diamonds.

Tailored Works of Art

Apart from Orsolya and Daniel's signature three dimensional
like designs, they specialize in creating remarkably
personalized pieces. 
"We offer an exclusive service through
which we get to know the wearer of our pieces, their
appearance, personality,
style, history, relationships
important symbols through which we are able
and  craft  not  only  astonishingly  beautiful
but also truly tailor-made, personalized objects.

Wedding Bands

We have been creating wide range of wedding jewelry.
We enjoy planning and designing together with couples,
which  can  take  between 1-2  hours. We  believe it is
important  that  our  clients are fully  informed  about
their  options so they  can  make  educated  decisions
when it comes to their own personal symbols of their love.
We are there to hold their hands on this journey. The bliss
that the finished creations bring, is our greatest award of all.

Engagement Rings

“ We love our job as we are greatly inspired by
the joy our creations bring. It is wonderful to play
a role in someone else's 
happiness, that the fruit
of our labour will become a cherished treasure for
its owner. Lasting personal symbols of personalities,
relationships, joy and love.” 

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Engagement, Bridal, Wedding Rings

The practice of proposing with an engagement ring goes back many centuries. With the development of technology, platinum and white gold have become increasingly available and white jewellery both in terms of metal and stones used have become popular as they symbolize innocence. Engagement rings were traditionally worn on the left hand, as scientists at the time believed a vein leads directly from the left hand to the arm.

  • Morning Glory
  • Victoria Pear
  • Genezis
  • Red Snake Eye
  • Orbit
  • Veil
  • Petalleed
  • Shepherd's Eye
  • Kognac Snake Eye
  • Bubble
  • Hearts
  • Lifepath
  • Blue Snake Eye
  • Sparkling Lily
  • Signo
  • Crossroad
  • Gobol
  • Adorjan
  • Double Morning Glory
  • Wish
  • Triple Dew
  • Morning Glory
  • Swan
  • Luxor
  • Four Elements
  • Orsi
  • Famme Fatale
  • Kolibri
  • Venus Eye
  • Mirror
  • Amnesia
  • Ballet Diamond
  • Leaf
  • South-Africa
  • Ducz
  • Morning Star Glory
  • Genezis 5
  • Morning Glory (trillion)
  • Leader
  • Classic
  • Palicz
  • Spectra
  • Melting
  • SsS
  • Marshal
  • Ent
  • Vica
  • Ribbon
  • Bagamery
  • Slide
  • Castle
  • Princess Lily
  • Gobolit
  • kolibri 2
  • Admiral
  • Peterfy
  • Bolt
  • Lily
  • Future
  • Commander
  • Scarf
  • Collar
  • Morning Star Glory
  • Morning Star
  • Hanna
  • Caesar
  • Flag
  • Draw
  • SoOs
  • Vortex
  • Riccivana
  • Spring
  • Six
  • Tear Drop
  • Emperor
  • Weinezis
  • Rose
  • Mokozis
  • Celberus
  • Ent 2
  • Neo Lily

By now traditions have faded, different cultures have mixed and fashion forms public opinion, so neither the hand rings are worn on nor the materials that they are made of, nor their embellishments (stone(s)) or pearls, nor their size is set in stone. This allows customers to let their imagination run free, and commission pieces that reflect who they are and wear them as symbols of their love, union and life for the rest of their lives.

We strive to make each piece personalized, bestowing it with the spirit and quality that has won us numerous competitions and trophies  around the world. We believe that an engagement ring does not have to conform to the usual template, but that even a traditionally shaped ring can be the fruit of cutting edge design and bestowed with personality. Of course, there is also the possibility of designing entirely new and rich forms that give the jewellery unparallel personality.

We like to manipulate material in all dimensions of space, so that the shape becomes so subtle that it shows a different clear and sophisticated form from each angle. We believe that the Spendor-Jewellery customer is someone who has personality and is not satisfied with wearing and unimaginative mass produced jewellery but wants their unique personality to be reflected in the ring that they will wear for the rest of their lives.

This is what we find most exciting about our craft, this is our area of expertise, our niche, and thus this is also our focus: to make unique and inimitable jewellery We want to make beautiful but also long lasting pieces. We spend a long time speaking with our clients, getting to know their personalities, important events in their lives so we can incorporate this knowlege into their custom made jewellery pieces. We are not limited by the requirements of mass production as we craft each piece only once, and do so with our hand, our vast amount of experience and our true passion. We feel that it is important to view each creative process as a challenge and an opportunity to increase our prestige, thus we strive to bestow even the simplest pieces with such substance that they become not merely objects of precious metal, but true works of art.

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