Custom jewellery for a truly special occasion

The birth of a child is a truly precious and unforgettable moment in one's life. Through them we become parents and for them we become better people. They add value and meaning to our time, our  experiences  and  the  world.  We  love  creating  childbirth inspired jewellery. With their hidden message they often become richly designed objects, abundant with sentiments and veiled meaning, which we know will become highly valued and cherished pieces.

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Dubai Jewellery Design Awards, 1st Prize

Orsolya Raski Nagy and Daniel Nagy won absolute 1st prize with their aquamarine and diamond embellished white gold jewellery collection. This prize is the 54th trophy of the respected personal jewellery designers who have competed in numerous international competitions with similar success.

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Diamond jewellery &  Dancing Diamonds ballet

There  has  never  been  such a meeting  of  two  seemingly different forms of art, as the cooperation between Splendor and the  Contemporary  Ballet of Szeged  which  premiered in 2013. Following  its  unexpected  success  the  production and the designers are planning an international tour. The dancers perform the birth of a diamond which is created by the four elements. The different elements emerge through ballet movements and provided the inspiration both the choreography and the jewellery designs.

Splendor jewellery - new victory in Dubai!

Orsolya succeeded in repeating her last victory in Dubai.
She has once again won first prize in the international
The hairpin, for which she was awarded
the  trophy,  was  born  out  of  the  ballet designs.
It  captures  a  dynamic  dance  movement.  The
ebony  base is encased in a platinum  and  white
gold alloy and embellished with unusual, unique-cut
aquamarines as well as myriads  of  tiny  diamonds.

Tailored Works of Art

Apart from Orsolya and Daniel's signature three dimensional
like designs, they specialize in creating remarkably
personalized pieces. 
"We offer an exclusive service through
which we get to know the wearer of our pieces, their
appearance, personality,
style, history, relationships
important symbols through which we are able
and  craft  not  only  astonishingly  beautiful
but also truly tailor-made, personalized objects.

Wedding Bands

We have been creating wide range of wedding jewelry.
We enjoy planning and designing together with couples,
which  can  take  between 1-2  hours. We  believe it is
important  that  our  clients are fully  informed  about
their  options so they  can  make  educated  decisions
when it comes to their own personal symbols of their love.
We are there to hold their hands on this journey. The bliss
that the finished creations bring, is our greatest award of all.

Engagement Rings

“ We love our job as we are greatly inspired by
the joy our creations bring. It is wonderful to play
a role in someone else's 
happiness, that the fruit
of our labour will become a cherished treasure for
its owner. Lasting personal symbols of personalities,
relationships, joy and love.” 

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Male jewellery

Male jewellery is less common than female jewellery, yet there is serious demand for them. The needs regarding these pieces are, however, completely different. This could bethe reason they are not attractive to mass producers of jewellery. Therefore, there is a smaller supply of male jewellery and fewer fashion trends.

Interestingly, men will not wear anything just because it is beautiful, made from gold, silver and platinum. Based on our experience, male clients prefer personalized pieces even more so than female clients. When they realize that they have an opportunity to commission a personalized unique work of art where they can define all the parameters, they become more excited about the pieces than women.

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Fully personalyzed pieces of art

We create: fully personalized, one-off, hand-made, bespoke jewellery, award winning pieces of art. We design and create personal favourites, especially for you, together with you.

Our strength lies in personal communiation, personal and personalized design and jewellery creation whereby we attempt to get to know the wearer of our pieces, their appearance, habits, style, way of thinking, symbolicism, mayor moments in their lives, relationships and cultural inheritance, in order to be able to create masterpieces that will become favorites. It is in this way that we hope to create personalized jewellery specialities for you.

We help familiarize our clients with their options, the pros and cons of the different possibilities paying close attention to comfort, durability, esthetics as well as personal needs. Moreover, we tell our clients about the visible and invisible properties of the precious metals and stones. Thereby, we are able to truly collaborate on the creations.

Thus, while we offer a number of unique pieces off the shelf, we do not sell average „run of the mill” jewellery pieces but rather offer an exclusive service which results in high quality jewellery specialties.  Therefore we offer jewellery of outstanding value, a personal object, a personalized work of art that, according to our hopes, will become the pride of generations to come.

Jewellery for Births

As interest turns away from mass produced jewellery and towards unique, one-off, personalized creations, an increasing number of people contact us to design and create keepsakes to commemorate important events in their families lives from gold, silver or platinum. In many cases the size and number of pearls, precious stones and diamonds symbolize the family relationships, and family structure while the arcs symbolize the cohesion, togetherness, safety and love.

We have been blessed by God with three beautiful and healthy children and I surprised Orsolya my wife at each of their births with a unique jewellery piece that carries a special message and symbolizes childbirth in a subtle way.

So we entirely understand the growing demand for birth jewellery. Creating jewellery to celebrate such significant events is an honor and we know that these creations will be greatly cherished family heirlooms.

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Jewellery Shoes

We constantly seek out challenges and enjoy testing the boundaries of the goldsmith craft. Over the years, we have created a gold and ray skin bag, a magic staff made of bubinga wood and brilliant cut diamonds, a watch crafted from ebony and mahogany embellished with Cognac colored diamonds, a silver belt buckle with wood detailing, a gold and ebony pillbox, a leather wallet embellished with diamonds as well as numerous other curiosities, but each piece we make is special.

The first stiletto jewellery sandals were custom-made for Orsolya's feet for the Tahitian Pearl Trophy jewellery competition, were it won first place in the international regional finals. We had seen several jewellery footwear designs but all of them had the precious metal embellishments added onto a finished leather shoe base. When creating our shoe, the traditional and jewellery elements of the shoe were created simultaneously, so they can be integrated, which makes the shoes more durable and sophisticated.

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Jewellery Pen-drives

At the turn of the 19th and 20th century a great number of everyday objects were made from precious metals such as silver cutlery, face powder compacts, makeup tools, picture frames as well as precious metal ornamental objects and jewellery connected with smoking and social life. Mass production and the availability of cheap plastic goods had pushed such precious metal objects off the market. However, we are really fond of the said era where such objects represented quality and were personal and people were surrounded by art and aesthetics.

Luckily, there is interest in such items today. Of course, while a commission for a silver comb set or inkwell is much less common today, there are such jewellery items that can play a useful role in our modern daily routines. Such are our artistically crafted, unique and personalized jewellery pen-drives.

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Jewellery Mobile Phones

We created our first jewellery mobile phone in 2004 for the Tahitian Pearl Trophy an international jewellery competition. We won absolute first prize with the piece at a competition in the United States or America, and from the several thousand competitors, our phone was awarded second place at the Tahitian Pearl Trophy in its the male accessory category as well as numerous other prizes at various jewellery competitions.

This telephone characterizes our point of view very clearly. It is unique and unreproducible both in its outer appearance and inner quality. Its free form was based on a seashell, its individually cut and chiseled keypad, its surface embellished with pearls and diamonds, its organic, ergonometric form and special solutions all have made the Frutto di Mare mobile phone a completely unique jewellery specialty.

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Jewellery bags

When we created our first jewelery shoes, clients expressed the need for bags to match. We have since crafted small clutches that are adorned with gold, platinum or silver as well as precious stones, diamonds and pearls which complement the jewellery shoes.

Bags are both functional and decorative. Both women and men carry their personal items such as phones, keys, tissues, business card credit cards at all times, so it may be important to be able to carry these items to all and any events in a stylish, personalized bag that not only matches one's clothes and the occasion, but is also a unique work of art.

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