Custom jewellery for a truly special occasion

The birth of a child is a truly precious and unforgettable moment in one's life. Through them we become parents and for them we become better people. They add value and meaning to our time, our  experiences  and  the  world.  We  love  creating  childbirth inspired jewellery. With their hidden message they often become richly designed objects, abundant with sentiments and veiled meaning, which we know will become highly valued and cherished pieces.

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Dubai Jewellery Design Awards, 1st Prize

Orsolya Raski Nagy and Daniel Nagy won absolute 1st prize with their aquamarine and diamond embellished white gold jewellery collection. This prize is the 54th trophy of the respected personal jewellery designers who have competed in numerous international competitions with similar success.

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Diamond jewellery &  Dancing Diamonds ballet

There  has  never  been  such a meeting  of  two  seemingly different forms of art, as the cooperation between Splendor and the  Contemporary  Ballet of Szeged  which  premiered in 2013. Following  its  unexpected  success  the  production and the designers are planning an international tour. The dancers perform the birth of a diamond which is created by the four elements. The different elements emerge through ballet movements and provided the inspiration both the choreography and the jewellery designs.

Splendor jewellery - new victory in Dubai!

Orsolya succeeded in repeating her last victory in Dubai.
She has once again won first prize in the international
The hairpin, for which she was awarded
the  trophy,  was  born  out  of  the  ballet designs.
It  captures  a  dynamic  dance  movement.  The
ebony  base is encased in a platinum  and  white
gold alloy and embellished with unusual, unique-cut
aquamarines as well as myriads  of  tiny  diamonds.

Tailored Works of Art

Apart from Orsolya and Daniel's signature three dimensional
like designs, they specialize in creating remarkably
personalized pieces. 
"We offer an exclusive service through
which we get to know the wearer of our pieces, their
appearance, personality,
style, history, relationships
important symbols through which we are able
and  craft  not  only  astonishingly  beautiful
but also truly tailor-made, personalized objects.

Wedding Bands

We have been creating wide range of wedding jewelry.
We enjoy planning and designing together with couples,
which  can  take  between 1-2  hours. We  believe it is
important  that  our  clients are fully  informed  about
their  options so they  can  make  educated  decisions
when it comes to their own personal symbols of their love.
We are there to hold their hands on this journey. The bliss
that the finished creations bring, is our greatest award of all.

Engagement Rings

“ We love our job as we are greatly inspired by
the joy our creations bring. It is wonderful to play
a role in someone else's 
happiness, that the fruit
of our labour will become a cherished treasure for
its owner. Lasting personal symbols of personalities,
relationships, joy and love.” 

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Riccardo and Ivana's Ring

One day we received a letter from Spain, from a man called Riccardo, who contacted us because he needed help in finding a special engagement ring for his bride to be. He had some definite ideas, and the new ring had to match some other gold and platinum rings that Ivana owned, but otherwise it was up to us to find the personal characteristic or trait that the ring should embody.

Riccardo took the task of finding the perfect ring very seriously. He visited all the well-known jewellery shops but none of them offered the sort of unique jewellery that he was looking for. Then he read up on the subject in books and on the internet, but he still did not feel that he had found what he was looking for.

We invited Riccardo to our workshop so he could experience the mystical and obscure world of the goldsmith's craft in person. We wanted to discuss his partner's characteristics, style, appearance and personality face to face so we could create a truly unique and personalised ring for Ivana. We explained that because the ring would be a surprise he needs to be discrete and not draw attention to his project.So instead he invited us to his office in Madrid where we continued our discussion in person. He was very enthusiastic and dynamic, a man deeply in love. He showed us all the information and photos he had collected about jewellery. And we spent hours discussing different possibilities.

The following day we visited the town of Toledo, near Madrid, which if famous for its artisans and metal work industry most notably its medieval sword-smiths. We were greatly inspired by the town, and as we sat in a small cafe we drew one sketch after another. When we were done we already knew which one Riccardo would like best, which one was most subtly symbolic of their relationship.

We were right. Riccardo fell in love with our last sketch. We travelled back to Hungary looking forward to the work process by which the beautiful ring would come alive.

This task, however, turned out to be significantly more difficult than what we had anticipated. As we had not made jewellery even similar to it, we had to experiment and the final shape of the ring was reached after numerous trials.This takes a great deal of time, raw materials and energy but also ensures the outstanding quality of the final outcome.

We returned to Madrid with the ring and to our great satisfaction Riccardo was impressed. For us as creators, seeing the satisfaction of our clients brings us tremendous joy and a real sense of accomplishment. In this case, Riccardo's reaction compensated for all the work and effort that we put into creating his special surprise.

We were not present at the proposal itself but received a tearful call shortly after the event. We believe that the ring must have turned out exceptionally well if we were contacted at such an important moment in the couple's life. We were overjoyed!

We are still in contact with Riccardo and Ivana and were at their wedding. We hope that we will have the opportunity to create jewellery for them to commemorate future important events in their future life together.

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